Garage doors are a functional and essential aspect of housing. As suggested by the name, rollup garage doors function by rolling towards the ceiling when opened. These garage doors consist of panels that fold around a drum at the top of the entrance to the door.

Due to their suitability for small garages and how economical they are, rollup garage doors have become very popular. In this article, discover all you need to know about rollup garage doors and how to maintain them.

Common Rollup Garage Door Problems

Common Rollup Garage Door Problems

After installing a commercial rollup garage door in your retail property or warehouse, you expect an efficient function. This efficiency will allow your business to operate smoothly. The best way to prevent your commercial rollup garage door issues is to ensure that it is correctly installed.

During rollup garage door installation, the garage door expert must follow the installation procedures carefully. However, even with line-by-line installation, specific issues can arise over time.

If you notice that your commercial rollup garage door has become difficult to close or open, it could be a fault from one of the major components.

Here are some common problems faced by rollup garage doors and how to fix them.

Incorrect Header Alignment

During installation, try not to place the header too backward or too forward. An incorrect header alignment can cause the track not to fall into the guides at the correct arc. This can make the door push towards the wall or drag against the guide.

Improper Leveling During Installation

When installing your rollup garage door, you need to use a leveling tool. A proper leveling tool will ensure effortless operation and proper alignment. Some garage door experts might choose to trust their eye during installation and conclude that their seeing is level. However, it is best to find an expert in rollup garage door Toronto when installing  your sectional garage door.

Over-Turning the Door Spring

When tensioning a commercial rollup garage door spring, following the manufacturer’s instructions is very important. If you turn the door more than the manufacturer recommends, you can over tension the spring and cause it to break. Incorrect tensioning can also make your sectional garage door more difficult to control.

Misaligned Drum

If your drum is misaligned, it can prevent your door from lining correctly. This misalignment can cause your door to roll crooked. When purchasing a rollup garage door, be on the lookout for one with a corrugated drum. This design will strike out every tendency of misalignment.

Tight Guides

If your rollup garage door guide strips are too tight, the door panel will drag against the guides. This will make it difficult to close or open the garage door. Over time, the tight guides can cause damage to the door sheet and even cause paint to scratch off.

How to Maintain a Rollup Garage Door?

How to Maintain a Rollup Garage Door
How to Maintain a Rollup Garage Door?

One of the main benefits of a rollup garage door is how easy it is to maintain. You can keep your garage door in top function by doing the following:

Install a strip door

If you spend a significant amount of time rolling your garage doors up, then you might want to look into a strip door. Strip doors are affordable additions that help protect your rollup garage door from moisture, debris, dirt, and pests. Strip doors also conserve cooling and beading costs and enhance the buildings daylighting.

Keep your rollup garage door clean

One of the easiest and simplest maintenance tips for rollup garage doors is keeping them clean. The surrounding areas, tracks, and equipment for your rollup garage door should be free of dust and debris. If you allow dirt to accumulate on your garage door, it will be a lot more difficult for it to function.

Organic materials tend to absorb water. Debris such as twigs and leaves can expose the metal of your rollup door to moisture, making it more prone to corrosion and rust.

Ensure you have a suitable operator

Door operators are available in different types. It is your responsibility to check that the operator and other door equipment are the right fit for your needs. High-functioning rollup garage doors might require an upgrade so they can withstand their current frequency of use.


Many rollup garage doors experience metal-to-metal interactions. This leaves them susceptible to corrosion and rust. Ensure that you keep your metal mechanical parts and tracks lubricated adequately so that your door can work efficiently. Do not forget to lubricate the locks, springs, and hinges.

How Much Do Rollup Garage Doors Cost?

A rollup garage door can cost anything between $500 to $5000 depending on several factors. You can get a single roller door for $500 to $1500, while a double roller door will cost anything from $1500 to $2000. A double sectional garage door might set you back $2000 to $5000.

Can I Install a Rollup Garage Door Myself?

If you have a certain level of mechanical skills and then the ability to follow instructions, you should safely install a rollup garage door. It is possible to safely install a sectional garage door with a simple set torsion spring system or extension springs.

However, standard torsion spring doors should always be installed by a professional. A rollup garage door is a heavy object that moves with the hero of electric motors and springs under extreme tension. Springs under tension, moving objects, and even electric motors can result in severe injury or death. To ensure your safety, contact a rollup garage door expert Toronto.

Benefits of a Rollup Garage Door

Choosing a rollup garage door has many advantages over a traditional sectional garage door. Some of these include:

Increased security

The material rollup garage doors are made from providing more security than a standard sectional garage door. The strength of the steel keeps your valuables locked in and intruders out. These doors are also less susceptible to vandalism and provide fire resistance.

Energy efficiency

Insulated rollup garage doors have multiple benefits. They help with temperature control leading to increased energy efficiency. Insulated rollup garage doors also help to cut outdoor noise. The insulated stainless steel rollup doors offer added security that can help reduce your home insurance premiums.


Steel is easily resistant to both everyday wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. This resistance means that your rollup garage door lasts longer than traditional garage doors made from other materials.

Easy to maintain

One primary reason rollup garage doors are a popular choice is how easy they are to maintain and operate. Many manufacturers offer fully automated rollup doors that can be worked using an app on your smartphone.

Saves space

Rollup garage doors are folded into a roll instead of opening along tracks. Most sectional garage doors require a space to be allotted for them to be stored inwards. Rollup doors, on the other hand, make use of very little overhead space.

Types of Rollup Garage Doors

When choosing a rollup garage door, you have several options to pick from. Some of the types of rollup garage doors you can find include:

High-performance rollup doors

High-performance rollup garage doors are designed for high traffic areas. They provide fast and reliable operation. You can find these types of doors in a wide range of materials, including rubber, steel, vinyl, and aluminum.

Rollup sheet doors

A rollup sheet door is made of corrugated steel and mimics the operations of rolling doors.

Quality rollup sheet doors are forged from aluminum or cold steel and are generally used for lighter-duty applications like outbuildings, self-storage facilities, and retail spaces.

Rolling fire doors

Rolling fire doors are fire-rated rollup doors that prevent the spread of fire. These types of doors have a fire detection mechanism and fire-resistant materials that contain the spread of fire. Fire doors are usually insulated rollup garage doors made of heavy-duty galvanized steel interlocking slats. This type of garage door is designed for regular use in industrial and commercial workplaces.


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