Automatic vs Manual Garage Doors

Choosing an automatic garage door for your home can be one of the hardest yet most important decisions to make. Your garage door is more than just protection for your car. It is the key feature of your house’s exterior that serves as an entrance, and it also adds to the curb appeal.

Although the main purpose of your garage is to keep your vehicles safe, it can also be used for other purposes. You may store various items you don’t want to have in your house in your garage. However, garage security is very important, and you can only use this space to your advantage if you have a quality garage door.

Generally, garage doors are grouped into two – automatic garage doors and manual garage doors. Many homeowners are often confused about picking the right type of garage door to suit their needs. In this article, we have helped simplify choosing a garage door by highlighting the main differences between both types of garage doors. If you want to discover which garage door is best for you, keep reading.

What Is An Automatic Garage Door?

An automatic garage door is a garage door connected to a mechanism that controls its closing or opening. The mechanism is activated with the push of a button.

Usually, automatic garage doors are hard-wired into the house. This is done so that you can control the garage door from a button on the wall. Most automatic garage doors also come with a garage door remote, allowing you to close or open the garage door from the driveway.

Newer models of automatic garage doors are now Bluetooth enabled, granting you access to your garage door remotely via an app on your phone or some other smart device.

What Is A Manual Garage Door?

A manual garage door is a garage door that is controlled manually. It has to be closed and opened manually. Most manual garage doors are basic doors and are found in older homes. Usually, these doors are affixed on large hinges and operated by lifting the door physically during opening and closing.

Manual doors are significantly lighter in weight and do now require cables or motors to be installed. All you need for a manual garage door installation is a torsion spring system. This makes them easier to install than automatic garage doors.

Differences Between Automatic And Manual Garage Doors

Differences Between Automatic And Manual Garage Doors

Certain features differentiate an automatic garage door from a manual garage door. Although most times, their aesthetics are the same, and you cannot tell which is until they are operated, there are still clear distinctions between both types of doors.

Some of these differences include:

1. Control

One of the biggest selling points for automatic garage doors is the garage door remote control. Being able to open your garage door conveniently from inside your car after a long day at work makes coming home just a bit more pleasant. On days where the weather is bad, this feature of automatic garage doors is even more appreciated. With a manual garage door, you need to brave the snow or rain to get to your garage door and then make it back to your car to drive in.

Bear in mind that if you keep a garage door remote control in your car permanently, you should get another one for operation at other times. A second remote control will make your life around the house a lot easier. It will also save you if the other control goes missing. It would be best if you also had a push-button control on the inside of your garage door. Moreover, it is only ideal that a person inside the garage should always open your garage door.

Most automatic garage doors are typically fitted with manual unlocking/locking mechanisms. Most automatic garage doors function using electricity, and this places manual garage doors above automatic garage doors in certain instances. If there is a fire, for instance, and the electricity supply has been disrupted, a manual functioning garage door could save your life. Although you may never use this manual unlocking and locking system, automatic doors must have the failsafe mode of a manual system.

2. Installation

An automatic garage door is significantly harder to install than a manual garage door. In fact, with automatic garage doors, a certain level of familiarity with technology is required before one can attempt a DIY. However, the garage door installation happens just once and most times is the responsibility of experts in garage door Toronto. Whether you are converting your old manual door to an automatic one or starting from scratch, the installation will take a considerable sum of money and time to be done right.

Of course, DIY will take more time and is not usually advisable for automatic doors. Although it is possible to get the hang of installing an automatic garage door yourself, what will usually be a quick job for the experts will take you days as an amateur. Most garage doors are large, and their sheer size alone can make installation tricky. You could easily injure yourself as you attempt to put an automatic garage door in place.

3. Weather And Other Environmental Factors

As the months go by, weather conditions tend to change, having adverse effects on manual garage doors, causing them to get stuck or make the panelling peel. However, with automatic garage doors, you do not have to worry about these effects as they are typically resistant to the adverse effects of unstable conditions.

However, the performance and appearance of your door may be affected by certain chemicals which do not mix well with the dor material. A little soap and water wipe from time to time can remedy such scenarios.

It would help if you lubricated metal garage doors – whether manual or automatic regular to make closing and opening easier. You should protect wooden garage doors from heatwaves and termites with proper treatment and maintenance.

Which One Is Right For Me: Automatic or Manual Garage Door?

Which One Is Right For Me: Automatic or Manual Garage Door?

The question of which garage door is right for you is subject to various factors such as:

  • Your needs
  • Your budget
  • The type of house you have
  • How frequently you use your garage door

Let’s take a look at both types of garage doors compared side by side.


When it comes to cost, manual garage doors are the more affordable option. They are easier to maintain and install and are the ideal option for homeowners on a budget. The market is filled with automatic garage doors that will not break the bank, so depending on your budget, you could have a look around. The choice of garage door installed at the end of the day should be the homeowner’s preference. However, you might want to invest in an automatic garage door if you consider selling your home in the future.


Most homeowners would prefer an automatic garage door as a convenience. Automatic garage doors allow you to gain access in and out of the garage without having to exhaust yourself physically. Automatic garage doors are a better option for places where the weather is in extremes, shielding people from the discomfort of getting too hot or too cold.


A manual door is easier to maintain than an automatic garage door. If your garage door is regularly used, you can expect normal wear and tear on the prints and tracks. Automatic garage doors need more maintenance than manual garage doors because they have more complex parts such as motors to ensure that they function properly.

Safety and Protection

Manual garage doors offer more protection from intruders because they are hacker-proof. They can also be secured or fastened without the worry of causing any harm to the mechanisms on the door. Automatic garage doors have inbuilt safety protection that prevents the garage door from closing on animals, people, or objects that might be in the way.


A lot of homeowners do not consider their garage door preferences before choosing one. However, a garage door is as important as the front door as they serve almost the same purpose. When deciding between automatic and garage doors, you need to consider the opening mechanism and material of the door. Before choosing the perfect garage door, carry out some more research and choose what door will work best for you.

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What to Consider Before Choosing a Smart Garage Door

Why You Should Invest in a Smart Garage Door 

If you have ever wondered whether you left your garage door open, you probably need a smart garage door. Most people have the thought of an open garage door flash across their mind while running errands or at work, and it is genuinely scary.

The majority of break-ins are facilitated by an open window or door, which includes garage doors. With a smart garage door, you do not have to worry about forgetting to close your garage door. You will be able to control your garage door from where you are and close or open it as you please.

In this article, discover what a smart garage door is, why you should invest in it and what to consider when choosing one.

What is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

A smart garage door opener is a device that functions like a regular garage door opener but with the option of connecting to a WiFi network for control. This connection allows remote monitoring and management of the garage door directly from an application installed on your smartphone.

Smart garage door openers are categorized under the umbrella of smart home automation devices. Believe it or not, your garage is one of the most vulnerable points in your home. A lot of homeowners leave their garage door leading into the house open for convenience. This practice is hazardous and can serve as an entry point for burglars or even more dangerous intruders.

It is also common practice to store costly possessions such as vehicles, lawn care equipment, and other garage tools. Burglars are aware of this, making your garage an even more appealing option.

A smart garage door helps you stay in charge. You can always tell if your garage door is closed or open, and you can control it from wherever you are. This will make it harder for burglars to ransack your home.

5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Smart Garage Door Opener

5 Reasons Should You Invest in a Smart Garage Door Opener

A smart garage door opener is an excellent option for home and property owners. If you are wondering why you should invest in one, here are a few reasons.

1. It makes monitoring easier

With your smart garage door opener, you can hear and see guests who come into your garage. When paired with camera options, you can even speak to them via the available speaker and microphone connections. You can issue instructions, give warm greetings, and even directions to guess who needs help getting in.

2. It improves security

Security is a big deal when it comes to garages. The garage door is easily overlooked as an entry point into your home. Many times, the garage contains valuables such as bikes, electronics, and vehicles.

The great news is with a smart garage door keypad, you have access to various security features for you to choose from. Whether you want to receive push notifications on your phone when your garage door is opened without your authorization or need a security camera with night vision, a smart garage door is the answer.

3. It helps to set up schedules

If you have people that show up at your house at certain times, you can preset a schedule so that your doors open and close at the same time daily.

4. It grants easy access

If you have unexpected guests, you can open the garage door yourself from wherever you are in the house. You can go as far as authorizing certain people’s entries, repeatedly or one time. A smarty garage door opener gives you a vast amount of options to stay in control whether you want to keep people in or let them out.

5. It gives temperature alerts

A smart garage door opener can come with sensors that monitor the temperature. This is great for both winter and summer. The sensor not only tells you if your garage door is left open but also alerts you if the temperature inside your garage is getting too cold or hot. This is helpful if you store equipment, food, or other temperature-sensitive items in there.

How Much Does a Smart Garage Door Cost?

You can get a WiFi-connected smart garage door opener for $169 to $300. These types of garage openers do not require extra accessories for you to control them from your smartphone. You can also get add ons for $50 to $100.

How is a Smart Garage Door Controlled?

The best feature of a smart garage door is the ability to incorporate it into your smart home. This connectivity allows you to control your garage door in several ways using different devices. It also works together with your smart home for increased security.

Some ways your smart home can work with your smart garage include:

  • Camera integration

You can integrate your smart garage with the doorbell camera in your home. By doing this, you can see who is at the front door and open your garage for them if you need a delivery or package dropped in your garage. To further improve how secure your garage is, you can install security cameras inside or right outside the garage so you can continually keep an eye on who goes in and comes out.

  • App and panel control

A smart garage can integrate with an existing smart home control panel when you use a smartphone app as general control. Just as you would do with your home’s smart locks, you can close and open the garage door via your panel or app.

  • Security system integration

You can link your home security system to your smart garage door Toronto based on the existing system you have. When your security system is armed, the garage door will give a signal when it is opened. Integrating your smart garage door keypad with your smart home helps you take advantage of all the features provided by your smart home.

Can I Install a Smart Garage Door Myself?

Smart garage doors are pretty easy to install, and you can do it yourself. If you are a handy person, you can be done in less than an hour. You can use several videos for reference, and most manufacturers also have installation tutorials available.

However, if you are not confident in your DIY skills, do not hesitate to contact a garage door expert. It is a lot easier to install add-on devices compared to full systems. A lot of people can easily manage this themselves. Typically, installing an add-on simply requires you to attach the device to your existing garage door opener using double-sided tape. Next, you connect two wires to close and open terminals on your existing garage door opener.

The final step is to download the necessary application on your phone, and you are all set.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Smart Garage Door

If you are carrying out upgrades around your home or just want to give your garage a makeover, this is an excellent time to consider a smart garage door.

Like other smart devices, choosing a suitable garage door can be quite the chore. It can be even more difficult when you do not know precisely what you’re looking for. Before choosing a smart garage door, here are a few things to consider.

1. Compatibility

You need to make sure that the smart garage door opener you will be getting is compatible with your current garage door. If you have an automatic garage door, installing a smart garage door Toronto will be a lot easier than if your door is manual. The manufacturer should list the current door systems and models that are compatible for easier understanding.

2. WiFi Connectivity

Smart garage openers function via a WiFi connection. Check that your present connection is strong enough and has adequate bandwidth to take an additional device.

3. Smart home integration

If you live in a smart home, you need to be sure to integrate your smart door opener with the rest of your smart home. Ensure that your door opener works fine with the rest of your devices.

4. App Compatibility

App compatibility. Controlling your garage door via an app on your smartphone is one of the most significant benefits of a smart garage door, so make sure the app it comes with is compatible with your smart device’s operating system.


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