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    Garage Door Repair Maple

    Isn't it about time you get rid of that old garage door and update to a more sophisticated and newer door? Garage door repair Maple Is what you need. We have highly qualified professionals to help you fix your door. It will be good as new with some more contemporary security updates. The possibilities are endless with us. Are you still doubting? Our garage door company in Maple is ready to service you. We are available 24/7 to cater to your requests any time of the day. If your garage doors happen to start misbehaving at night, you can contact us, and we will be there.

    Maple Garage Door Installations

    Are you happy with the look of your doors? Is it stable enough? You should give your doors more attention. They are an essential part of our lives. When you want to install a new one, you must go to the right personnel. Here at Maple garage door installations are just the go-to company for it. Our door installations are excellent — they ensure long-term safety. We partner with the top brand in each product that is brought together in our services. Are you worried about how to afford it? Don't worry at all. We at maple garage door installation are very affordable. Our charges are very fair and friendly.

    Maple Garage Door Replacement

    Your home can acquire a new fresh feel when you change your garage doors. Everything looks unique and glamorous. Replace your garage door at an affordable price right here in Maple. Our garage door installation gives a perfect garage door, chic look, and easy on your pocket; what do you say? Contact us at TBC Maple region.

    Residential Garage Doors Maple

    Is it your home garage door you want to update or repair? For your safety and your family, you need the best in terms of security. We are utterly concerned about this fact. We collaborate only with top brands with the best quality. It's not only your garage doors that should be of top quality. What about the front door, the foyer door, backyard etc.? Each of your doors needs to be of top quality with the latest security features. You don't need to hesitate or worry. Your safety is the utmost concern in our hearts. We want you to be safe. Our garage door repair service Maple is just at hand to solve these concerns.

    Top Rated Garage Door Company Maple: TBC Garage Doors 

    Are you wondering how to get quality doors to protect your businesses and homes in Maple? We at TBC Garage door repair Maple are just a call away. We are Ready to provide doors with the best qualities and installation. We have highly qualified people in our company with the long-term experience to install or repair your garage doors for you. There is a-90 days guarantee for all our repairs and installations. We fix for both home and business. Our doors are of the highest quality. We are available 24/7 to get you the best experience. You can call us on this line, 647-952-2092.

    Our primary concern is your safety from burglars or any other trespassers in your home or company. Times have advanced, hoodlums and thieves have gotten smarter and more sophisticated. But guess what, we got more stylish and more sophisticated in our door creation too. Why don’t you let us replace your garage doors or install a new one with beautiful doors? The door is durable, versatile, and affordable for your pocket. There is no limit to the number or types of doors we can install or repair.

    Our garage door repair Maple can restore your doors from the patio to the front door, revolving doors, garage repair, and installation. Our services are versatile when it comes to the doors, and we are available at your service 24/7. If a door repair is needed at night, you can always contact us. We understand you can not leave your business with a broken door and not be worried. Do not fret over getting quality material; we make sure our materials are from reliable companies alone

    Why TBC Garage Doors Offers the Best Garage Door Repair and Installation Services in Maple We are a family-owned business

    • Our technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded
    • We provide 24 -hour, 7-days-a week availability
    • Our maximum response time is 20 minutes
    • Our services have a 90-day guarantee
    • We offer competitive, honest pricing

    Call us at  (647)-929-8224 or any of our services, and a technician will come to you within no time.

    Our Services

    24 Hour Garage Door Repair Maple

    From the daily banging, opening, and closing of doors, your garage door has got a lot of wear and tear. It gets damaged in small places until the problem becomes enormous and it can not function anymore. If you feel you can not afford to replace the doors for the moment, consider repairing them. Contact our garage door repair services Maple area for your reply. We are a call away, and we are available at your service 24/7. All your service demand will be satisfied and more, with our professionals ready to get your door in the state befitting for it.

    Commercial Overhead Doors Maple

    Did your overhead door get damaged, or did you fancy installing one in your home, or you moved to a new home and need an overhead door? Contact us at maple commercial overhead doors to help you fulfil your wishes. We have qualified personnel to help you install an excellent overhead door in your garage or home. Our installations are assured to last long in ideal conditions.

    Garage Door Sealing Maple

    Has it ever occurred to you where the rats could have passed to access your house? Your garage door could be the culprit. To prevent rats and other creatures from making your life miserable, seal your door with a garage door sealing. The garage door sealing is usually positioned under the door and is there to prevent water, wind, talk more of rats coming in. Contact us at garage door sealing maple to get your sealing done. There, you can sleep without worry. Our services are top-notch and ensure you get the best service.

    Garage Door Insulation Maple

    Your door needs to be insulated to prevent heat loss and make your room temperature optimum. Insulated doors are poor conductors, too, and they barely catch fire. Install or repair your insulated door at TBC garage door, where we assure you of

    H3: Garage Door Framing Service Maple

    Garage Door Framing is among the outstanding service TBC Maple offers. Did your garage door frame get scraped, damaged, or is it just plain old? Do you want to install a new frame? You have come to the right place. We have professionals with the experience to help you with your door framing. Give us a call anytime, and we will be there. TBC Maple is available for your service 24/7.

    H3: Garage Door Opener Belt Repair/Installation

    There is a belt in the garage doors that restrains it from being too fast or too slow. It regulates the speed at which the door opens and closes. What happens if this belt malfunctions? The door could suddenly bang your head one day. We at TBC Maple are here to the rescue. We can’t have you getting injured by something avoidable. Get in touch with us for your door opener belt installation or repair. We use the best quality to make our doors and the best personnel to install or repair them.

    H3: Residential Door Repair

    A vital part of your home security. A right front door with suitable securities is what separates you from bad people in this dangerous world. I assure you, you don’t want your home door damaged. It’s terrible, I tell you. Bad things come in. You need good doors to keep your children safe. To protect you and your family from the dangers of the world. Doors represent boundaries. A door means ‘stay away out of bound.’ But if the door is damaged, the message is not going to be very strong as it should be. So come to us to fix your door. We provide the best services, and your door will be right as new in no time.

    Garage Door Lock Installation and Repair

    Garage Door Weatherstripping

    Doors installed but still let in weather elements or small animals inside are not the best. With weather-stripping, you can cover the edges of the door and make sure air, water, or any other unwanted guest sleep past the door. The garage door needs weather stripping. We offer weatherstripping in the retinue of services we provide. Weatherstripping fortifies your house and garage against small animals and the elements.

    Smart Garage Door Installation and Repair

    Smart doors are all the rage now. As implied in the name, it works with a network connection.  We at TBC garage door Maple smart Garage door installation and repair. You have your password, which you can use like your google password. They both work the same way. Smart doors are incredibly safer than other doors if done well. But for all its advantages, it can be hacked. However, if you come to us for installation, we make sure it’s immune to hacking and safe for you. We install the best quality smart doors, and our services include repair for it when damaged.

    Garage Door Keypad Repair/Setup Maple

    Your keypad is the utmost security procedure on your door. If it’s damaged, anybody can access your home. Come to us to help you fix it. We also do set up the keypads. There are different types of a keypad, each with its unique setup. We are qualified and registered to help you do your setup. It’s best to get qualified and registered personnel and not some local locksmith in your area. Random people having access to your keypad is dangerous. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Come to us. We got you anytime anyway.

    Garage Door Cable Repair Maple

    Yeah, your cable is in good hands with us. All types of cables you may have are in excellent hands with us. Is it wireless cable, fibre optic cable, or other types of cables? Name it. All are in good hands. We can make your door cable useful as new. Our services are affordable; your satisfaction is our joy. So reach out to us today for your cable repair.

    Garage Door Window Inserts Maple

    A pretty or classy window that is to your taste is an excellent way to wake up in the morning and look out of. It just has this magical feeling of looking out to the world from them. For a window that will bring out the beauty of the day and put you in high spirits before you tackle the day’s problem, contact us at garage door repair Maple—we at TBC Maple varieties of windows from classic to medieval and modern. Reach out to us for your choice.

    H3: Garage Door Bottom Panel Repair, Replacement, and Installation.

    Panels joined together are basically what a garage door is made of. However, what happens if one of the panels is damaged? You replace that particular panel. Why? Because it costs less than reinstalling the whole door anew. Any kind of damaged panel name we can fix. You can contact us anytime, even at night, because if the panel broke down at night, your business place would be vulnerable to burglars. And you can’t just go home and leave it as such. We are the go-to personnel

    H3: New Garage Door Installation

    Moving to a new place or building a new garage requires a new garage door. You can also wish to substitute an old one for a new one to give your home a fresh feeling. We have different garage doors to help you install, i.e., tilt-up canopy, roll up, side slide etc. It’s all up to your choice. We are only there to satisfy it. We can get you doors that will suit the mood and style of your house. Doors can be personalized at your preference—something to bring out your individuality.

    Garage Door Opener Repair/Installation Setup

    How frustrating is it to find out you can’t enter your garage after a long day of work? When all you love is to rest under the cool shade in your house. Why? Because the remote is faulty.  Let TBC Maple give you the best garage door opener service in Maple.

    Garage Door Opener Remote Setup/Repair Maple

    Break-in Repair Maple

    Ever had a break-in? It’s a dangerous thing that is best avoided by putting all the measures in place. But, if it happens, unfortunately, and they damage your stuff, including doors. Don’t stress yourself too much. You have the perfect personnel to make it all go away and make sure there is no recur. We possess the expertise to help you repair your door or install a completely new one as you wish. Your door will be right as new and more robust than before to baffle any other break-in attempt. And we promise you will be satisfied with our job.

    Garage Door Spring Repair Maple

    When your door spring loses its tension, the door functions are jeopardized. The door becomes cranky and frustrates you apart from giving invaders headway. So do you need to replace or repair it? Maple garage door spring repair   is what you need for a quality service. Do contact us at TBC garage door Maple, and we will respond within 20 minutes to give a quality service.

    H3:Garage Door Opener Brackets Repair/Installation Maple

    Don’t let any part of your door be in poor condition. Make sure every inch of the door is malfunctioning. Your garage door opener bracket needs to be in a top situation to offer you maximum security. Contact TBC garage door Maple for your Garage door opener repair installation. Our technicians are professionals with the skills to proffer a top-notch service. Please do not trust this service to a poor repair service provider; call us now in our repairs.

    Garage door sensor repair/setup

    Does your garage door not sense infrared beam or unreactive to it? This is very dangerous. It could result in a severe accident. We are just a service call away here at the garage door sensor repair. Our response time is only 20 minutes, and the sensors will be back to good as new. Your garage door sensor should be in top gear. Contact TBC Maple for your garage door sensor repair.

    H3: Commercial Door Repair

    This is very important. Your business is your livelihood; it’s where you get money to feed and clothe your family. You don’t want its door broken. The right door can attract clients to your business. Is yours broken? Come to us now to repair it for you. For business, you can not over-invest in security for it. If the security is lax and thieves take advantage, you could find yourself bankrupt. That is such a depressing thought. We have the absolute best in staff and materials. You will be satisfied with fibreglass doors to scissors gates, and more.



    How long will it take for you to reach me? 

    We usually take 30 minutes to reach you after an emergency call. Sometimes, it can be a maximum of 1 hour, depending on your location. 

    Do you provide services after hours?

    Yes. We provide services 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. You can call us at any time for emergency assistance.

    Do you service my area?

    We service areas within a 60-kilometer radius from Toronto and the GTA: Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, North York, and Vaughan. We also serve Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Whitby, Newmarket, and Barrie.

    What payment methods do you accept?

     We accept cash, E-transfer, Debit cards, and Credit cards. 

    My garage door is not closing/not opening! Can you help?

    Yes. When you call us, our technicians will come with all the equipment needed to fix your garage on the spot. They will diagnose and resolve the issue and leave your garage door working smoothly.

    What type of garage doors do you install and repair? 

    We can handle sectional garage doors, slide to the side garage doors, roll-up garage doors, and side-hinged garage doors. We also fix up and over/tilt-up canopy garage doors, and up and over/tilt-up retractable garage doors.

    What is the difference between a garage door opener chain and a garage door opener belt?

    A garage door opener chain operates more noisier than a garage door opener belt, which is a lot smoother and quieter.

    A garage door belt is a type of garage door opener. It is a rubber belt that slides the trolley when you activate your garage door. 

    What are the different types of garage door openers you install or repair?

    We install and repair all types, makes, and models of garage door openers. We are specialists in belt-drive openers, chain-drive openers, screw-drive openers, direct-drive openers, jackshaft-drive openers, and DC-Powered garage door openers. Also, we install lift master, chamberlain, craftsman, mastercraft openers. We recommend to go with lift master or chamberlain.

    What types of doors other than garage doors do you install/repair?

    You work on interior and exterior residential and commercial doors. We expertly install and repair front doors, patio doors, glass doors, French doors, steel doors, and commercial storefront doors.

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