A garage storage system is a gem many homeowners are yet to discover. Efficient shelves placed in strategic positions in your garage make life a lot easier. This article discovers everything you need to know about garage storage systems and how they can upgrade your garage.

Do I need a garage storage system?

garage storage system

Many homeowners believe that a garage storage system isn’t necessary. Usually, such people do not spend enough time in the garage to believe that a storage system is very important.

Some people even believe that a storage system is only for homeowners with a big tool collection or who love to work with their hands. This is not exactly the case, as every garage can benefit from a proper storage system. A proper storage system is a plus for a garage where carpentry projects and vehicle maintenance occur regularly.

What are the benefits of owning a garage storage system?

There are several benefits of owning a garage storage system. Some of these benefits include:

Eliminates Clutter

The first and most important benefit of owning a garage storage system is that it will significantly reduce the amount of clutter on your floor. No matter how big your garage is and how much storage space you have, floor clutter can remain a persistent nuisance.

There is undeniable practicality to taking things off your garage floor and storing them away safely in a garage shelf. When you combine a garage shelving system with other elements of a garage storage system, such as Slatwall panels, your garage is clutter-free and nicer.

Gives your garage an upgraded appearance

A garage storage system does more than provide a space to store away equipment. Although it might seem like a purely functional product, a garage shelf does more than provide room for storage. Garage shelving adds more value to your garage by giving a huge aesthetic upgrade to the interior, which should not be taken lightly.

However, you should ensure that you buy the correct type of shelves. Higher quality, well-crafted shelves that are installed professionally instantly upgrade the interior of your garage, giving it a finished and modern look.

Ensure that you pick a storage system that allows customization so that you can take your garage’s design to the next level.

It makes your garage safer

Most times, a messy garage is also an unsafe garage. Items spread all over the floor in a garage are simply accidents waiting to happen. Such items also pose a risk of damage to your vehicles, causing your vehicles to be scratched, dented, or even scuffed. Organizing the clutter in your garage shelving system will help reduce the safety risk greatly.

Some of the hazardous materials and dangerous chemicals you can stow away in your cabinet system include:

● Containers of automotive fluids
● Paints and solvents
● Cleaning products
● Fertilizers and pesticides

Garage shelves are also a great way to childproof your garage. Doors and cabinet drawers that can lock are a great way to keep sharp tools tucked away.

Increases the value of your home

With a garage storage system, the amount of floor clutter in your garage is greatly reduced, giving you more space to park your vehicles. This means that you get to use your garage to its full potential, getting it to serve its primary function and providing full value for your home.

If you have plans of selling your home, a garage that is easy to maintain and allows effortless vehicle parking is a solid selling point. Also, any garage that has a high-quality garage cabinet system is sure to project a professional, more impressive appearance. This is way better than the unsightly look of a cluttered garage with cheap storage system projects and outdated decor.

It helps to keep your tools organized

The more your tool collection grows, the more difficult it is to keep it organized without a decent storage system in place. After a certain time, the oversized toolbox doesn’t cut it anymore.

Investing in a decent, well-designed shelving system has the following benefits:

● Your workspace will be less cluttered
● It helps to keep your tools protected from dust, moisture, and grime
● You can set up your workspace to have the tools you use the closest at hand.
● An organized shelving system helps you spend less time searching for tools.

Keeps your valuable tools safe

If you own expensive tools such as pneumatic tools and cordless power tools, a garage storage system is ideal for you. It is best to store expensive equipment in a secure space to protect your significant investment.

You cannot overestimate the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable tools are tucked away safely on your garage shelf. Try looking for a garage cabinet system with drawers and doors that lock.

Creates a garage workshop

If you are a hobbyist or a gearhead interested in setting up a garage workshop, a storage system is very vital. The opportunity to turn a garage into a multifunctional space is the motivating factor most homeowners need to invest in garage shelving. An efficient storage system will create a designated area that provides room for you to work with your hands.

How much does a garage storage system cost?

Most garage storage systems cost between $1000 to $3000. You can have a medium-sized storage system installed professionally for $2000. If you like to work with your hands, you can cut down the cost by setting up the storage system on your own.

What is the best garage shelving style?

garage shelves

There are three most popular and functional garage shelving styles. These include:


Wall-mounted garage shelves are fixed into vertical structural beams known as studs at regular spacing using metal brackets. The wire, metal, or wooden shelf is then fitted onto the metal bracket for strength and stability.


Freestanding shelves provide mobility and flexibility because they are not attached to any surface. However, they can also take up a considerable amount of floor space and obstruct other functions such as parking your car. They are usually made of metal, wood, or a combination of both.

Ceiling mounted

Ceiling mounted garage shelves are fixed into the ceiling studs using long adjustable metal brackets; they are ideal for storing equipment occasionally and seasonal tools. Ceiling mounted shelves are a great way to cut down on the amount of space your garage storage system takes up.

What materials are garage shelves made from?

Most garage shelves are either made of wood or metal. Wooden shelves are sustainable and beautiful, adding an artistic style to your storage and workspaces. Hardwood shelving such as maple and oak is durable and strong. However, softwood such as pine can handle light-duty storage but tend to buckle and break under heavy load. If you get freestanding wooden shelves, they can be moved easily while wall-mounted shelves remain firmly attached to your walls.

If you want to try out a bit of woodwork and build your shelving units, ensure that you search for a kit that comes with all the hardware parts that you need. Better still, contact a garage door expert to help you with setting up your storage.

Metal or wire shelves are also an option you can explore. Typically, metal shelves are forged from steel, hold heavy loads and come in various sizes. Metal shelves are also a lot easier to clean than wooden shelves and, due to their non-porosity, won’t absorb paint or chemicals in case of a spill.

Wire shelves are lighter but just as strong. They are made from a chrome mesh or steel and are designed for tools, boxes, paint cans, and bins. Ensure that smaller items such as crews and nails are in a larger container before storing them on wire shelves to prevent them from falling through the mesh gaps.

How deep should garage shelves be?

Garage shelves should be deep enough to store items safely without hiding them behind each other. Typically, a 16″ depth is ideal for storing large items while you should consider a 12″ depth for smaller items. Make sure that the garage shelving system you eventually get should be easily adjustable.

Is it cheaper to build or buy garage shelves?

When considered, the question of whether you should build or buy garage shelves all boils down to your budget. If you have a few supplies lying around, such as wood or nails, building your shelves may be the cheaper option. However, if you need to purchase all the essentials and build from scratch, it might be cheaper to purchase a garage shelf.


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