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    Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill

    At TBC Garage Door Richmond Hill, we repair garage door of all types and brands. From residential to commercial garage doors, we've got the right equipment, materials, and expertise to offer you the best garage door repair services in Etobicoke.

    Residential Garage Doors Richmond Hill

    Got tired of seeing the same old worn out garage door in your home, and thinking of going with something new to improve the outlook of your house. No need to start googling for garage door services near me Richmond Hill that can be of services to you, TBC Company is your go-to company to handle your residential new garage door installation and repair. Our services are top drawer, we offer the best residential garage door designs available, and with our highly skilled technician, you’re sure to receive the best garage doors to enhance your home appeal.

    Richmond Hill Garage Door Installation

    Don’t stress over getting a replacement for your old garage door. If you want something that will make your home look good? All you need is a reliable garage door company in Richmond. Here at TBC garage doors, we offer efficient and reliable services. With our highly trained professionals with the technical know-how on garage doors installation, you can be sure that all your garage door need will be met to the utmost requirement.

    Richmond Hill Garage Door Replacement

    Everybody wants an upgrade every now and then. So if you’re keeping an eye out for your garage door upgrades, then you can get the best of services from TBC Company. We have the best technicians in the game to help out in the replacement of your garage doors. Our materials are top-notch materials and come from reliable and top company. Reach out today for your garage door replacement, if you happen to live in Richmond Hill.

    Top Rated Garage Door Company in Richmond Hill: TBC Garage Doors

    In Richmond Hill? Looking for the best garage door repair and installation services? Then you can do no wrong with TBC Garage Doors that possesses years of experience in this field. With years of quality experience at its disposal and high level well trained technical staff who are committed to offering the best services, we offer the best services and you are sure to get the best. Our staff regularly update themselves on the latest technologies, techniques and materials to aid in offering you the best services available.

    No matter the time of the day can be early in the morning or late at night, with our 24-hour garage door repair Richmond Hill, we’re available to offer our services whenever it is needed. Feel free to call us for your emergency garage door repair services. Our goal here at TBC Garage doors is to be the best Richmond Hill garage door repair services available and provide you with the best available services. You can check out a list of services we offer below.

    Why TBC Garage Doors Offers the Best Garage Door Repair and Installation Services in Vaughan

    • We are a family-owned business
    • Our technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded
    • We provide 24 -hour, 7-days-a week availability
    • Our maximum response time is 20 minutes
    • Our services have a 90-day guarantee
    • We offer competitive, honest pricing

    Call us at  (647)-929-8224 or any of our services, and a technician will come to you within no time.

    Our Services

    24 Hour Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill

    No matter the time of the day, reach out to TBC Garage doors for your garage door repair Richmond today. No matter the emergency you may be faced with, it can be late at night when you’re just getting back from work and your garage door becomes faulty, don’t hesitate to call us here at Richmond Hill.

    Commercial Overhead Doors Richmond Hill

    Looking for the best and reliable commercial overhead garage door repair services Richmond Hill, you can contact us at TBC Garage doors to help you get your commercial overhead door back to its best. We have the best professional staff with the skills to repair and install the best overhead door to your satisfaction.

    Garage Door Sealing Richmond Hill

    Nothing more annoying than coming from the warm comfort of your home and stepping into a freezing garage. Keep your garage warm today by contacting TBC Garage Doors to ensure that your garage doors Richmond Hill are adequately sealed to keep out cold air and dust. It is normal for the four corners seal of your garage doors to wear and tear over time. This can cause a shift in your garage doors, crack and gaps that cannot be easily covered by the seals, exposing your garage to the harsh cold winter. Contact us today at TBC garage doors, and let our professionals get on ensuring that your garage door seals are perfectly installed.

    Garage Door Insulation Richmond Hill

    Maximize your comfort by getting your garage door insulated. Here at TBC garage doors, we have the best professionals in the game to help you in the insulation of your garage door. There are different types of insulation to choose from, select the one you’re most comfortable and our staff will get right on it for you.

    Garage Door Framing Service Richmond Hill

    Contact us at TBC garage doors, if you’re ever faced with a damaged garage door frame. The damages can range from scrapes to other accidents which leave your garage vulnerable and compromise the structure of your homes. We have just the right professionals and technicians that offer the best assessment and advice on the damage on your home structures and garage doors frame. Our services at TBC Garage Company includes garage door frame repairs or complete installation of a new one.

    Garage Door Lock Installation and Repair

    You sleep better at night knowing your properties are secured in your garage. No need to live in constant fear that your garage door lock is compromised. Call us at TBC Garage Doors today, we have the best professional garage door repair services Richmond Hill. Our services cover the repair of broken locks or the replacement of an old one. All this to ensure your safety and that of your properties.

    Garage Door Weatherstripping

    Weatherstripping is important for every garage door. If your garage doors don’t have it, you stand in danger of freezing, rain, flood, insects, dirt, dust and animals. Get your garage doors Richmond equipped with the appropriate Weatherstripping.

    Smart Garage Door Installation and Repair

    Get in and out of your garage easily and in no time by installing a smart garage door. Hereby saving you the stress and time of searching for garage keys. Smart garage door installation and repair can be quit tricky sometimes, and only a few technicians are well vast in its installation and repair. At TBC Garage Doors, our technicians are well vast and trained to install smart garage doors Richmond Hill that links to the internet.

    Garage Door Keypad Repair/Setup Richmond Hill

    Technologies can become faulty at times, and that does not exempt your garage keypad. So if your garage keypad ever stop working, and you get locked outside your garage. You don’t have to panic, just give us a call at TBC Garage Door Company Richmond Hill. Our services include the repair and set up of a new garage door keypad. We have professional staffs and technicians that can get your keypad working effectively in no time.

    Garage Door Cable Repair Richmond Hill

    It may be possible for your garage doors not to be closing or opening efficiently, this may be due to the result of a broken or faulty Cable. Cable repairs are most often complicated to repair, and only few technicians in garage door repair Richmond Hill have the knowledge to do it. But here at TBC Garage Doors, we have the best technicians and professional staff capable to repair any Richmond Garage doors spoilt or faulty cable.

    Garage Door Window Inserts Richmond Hill

    Add a touch of class and beauty to your garage by installing garage door window inserts that fit perfectly into your garage and compliment your garage door beautifully giving it an aesthetic look.

    Garage Door Opener Repair/Installation Setup

    Having difficulty opening your garage door? Or your Garage door opener has been faulty for some time now, and you’re afraid you’ll get locked out one of these days. No need to press the panic button just yet, call us at TBC Garage Doors, we have the staffs with the technical know-how on how to repair your Garage door opener and get it back to its best, and fully functional. It doesn’t matter the brand of garage door you use, we have a wide range of modes and professionals to make it work efficiently.

    Garage Door Opener Remote Setup/Repair Richmond Hill

    The world is going full automatic now, don’t get left behind. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of coming down from your car to open your garage door manually after a long, tiring day at work. Ease yourself from the stress of opening and closing your garage door by getting a Remote opener setup. Contact us at TBC Garage Doors to provide you with the best door opener remote setup that best fit your doors.

    Break-in Repair Richmond Hill

    Break-ins are terrible, and nobody should hope to be involved in one. But just in case you ever go through one, we at TBC garage Doors offer different services depending on the nature of the break-in. You don’t have to live in a vulnerable home, where anyone can gain access to your home whenever they want. Our services here at TBC includes the upgrading of your locks, door repairs and installation of deadbolt locks. All these to make you feel safe in the comfort of your homes.

    Garage Door Spring Repair Richmond Hill

    Noticed that your garage door spring is faulty? Causing your garage door not to have the necessary support needed. Garage door repair Richmond Hill also deal with fixing spoilt spring. Contact us today at TBC garage doors, in garage door Richmond Hill, we have well-trained technicians and staff equipped to get repair your garage door spring and get it back to normal in no time.



    How long will it take for you to reach me? 

    We usually take 30 minutes to reach you after an emergency call. Sometimes, it can be a maximum of 1 hour, depending on your location. 

    Do you provide services after hours?

    Yes. We provide services 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. You can call us at any time for emergency assistance.

    Do you service my area?

    We service areas within a 60-kilometer radius from Toronto and the GTA: Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, North York, and Vaughan. We also serve Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Whitby, Newmarket, and Barrie.

    What payment methods do you accept?

     We accept cash, E-transfer, Debit cards, and Credit cards. 

    My garage door is not closing/not opening! Can you help?

    Yes. When you call us, our technicians will come with all the equipment needed to fix your garage on the spot. They will diagnose and resolve the issue and leave your garage door working smoothly.

    What type of garage doors do you install and repair? 

    We can handle sectional garage doors, slide to the side garage doors, roll-up garage doors, and side-hinged garage doors. We also fix up and over/tilt-up canopy garage doors, and up and over/tilt-up retractable garage doors.

    What is the difference between a garage door opener chain and a garage door opener belt?

    A garage door opener chain operates more noisier than a garage door opener belt, which is a lot smoother and quieter.

    A garage door belt is a type of garage door opener. It is a rubber belt that slides the trolley when you activate your garage door. 

    What are the different types of garage door openers you install or repair?

    We install and repair all types, makes, and models of garage door openers. We are specialists in belt-drive openers, chain-drive openers, screw-drive openers, direct-drive openers, jackshaft-drive openers, and DC-Powered garage door openers. Also, we install lift master, chamberlain, craftsman, mastercraft openers. We recommend to go with lift master or chamberlain.

    What types of doors other than garage doors do you install/repair?

    You work on interior and exterior residential and commercial doors. We expertly install and repair front doors, patio doors, glass doors, French doors, steel doors, and commercial storefront doors.

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