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    Garage Door Repair Port Perry

    Your valuables need to be highly secured, and living with a poorly secured door could jeopardize your security. You do not want to leave your house as open as your street with a faulty door. Many companies who pride themselves on garage door companies have no technical knowledge of fixing different doors. You do not have to entrust your work to someone that would leave you ruining the service done. That is why you should entrust your work to our expert technicians at TBC garage doors Port Perry for your garage door repair services.

    Port Perry Garage Door Installations

    An aesthetically-appealing door beautifies your home, especially if the door matches the house's paint and the color of the flowers around. Your door should not, however, be appealing alone; it should also be robust, durable, and high-secured. To fix a new door to your garage or repair the existing antic door, our professionals ensure your maximum safety with our service. At TBC garage doors Port Perry, entrust us with garage door Installation.

    Port Perry Garage Door Replacement

    If your door is out of vogue and you need to replace the antique door, or some incidents warrant you to replace your garage door, you need a reliable garage door replacement company that would do a perfect job. At TBC garage door Port Perry, we offer a professional door replacement service.

    Residential Garage Doors Port Perry

    You are risking the lives of many with your unsecured doors and could hamper your safety too. Also, the door may not give your signals before they break down, and you may have to Google 'Garage Door repair services near me' whenever you need quality work. Instead of panicking about your damaged door or stressing yourself to get a quality service near you, do call on us for a quality service. At TBC garage door repair Port Perry, our team of professionals makes sure you get a reliable garage door repair service.

    Top Rated Garage Door Company Port Perry: TBC Garage Doors 

    It is undisputable that security is vital for everyone and every successful business. A jeopardized security would affect your home and business, and that is why those who are security conscious do everything humanly possible to have tight security. You should also have a well-secured apartment, and that is why TBC Garage Door repair and installation Port Perry is always on the ground to make sure you sleep well protected. Do you need a top-notch door repair, installation, and replacement for your garage, homes, and businesses? Let our professionals handle your task.

    We have top-notch professionals who offer garage door repairs services in Port Perry, Toronto, GTA, and cities within 60kilometeres – Mississauga, Markham, Brampton, North York Vaughan. The significant part is that we also deliver in the furthest part of the town because of the compassion we have for our clients. The city outskirts we offer services include Pickering, Oshawa, Ajax, Newmarket, Whitby, and Barrie.

    Our company is duly licensed, registered, tested, and proven to give you an exquisite taste of our door repair service. Talk of high professionalism when carrying out a duty; our technicians are highly reputable to do a clean job for you that will make you refer us. We do not use inferior quality materials and tools to fix your doors because we deliver a quality service. Are you afraid of getting quality service at the odd hour of the night, or are you in an emergency? Please put your mind at rest as we offer 24/7 service.

    Why TBC Garage Doors Offers the Best Garage Door Repair and Installation Services in East York:

    • We are a family-owned business
    • Our technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded
    • We provide 24 -hour, 7-days-a week availability
    • Our maximum response time is 20 minutes
    • Our services have a 90-day guarantee
    • We offer competitive, honest pricing

    Call us at  (647)-929-8224 or any of our services, and a technician will come to you within no time.

    Our Services

    24 Hour Garage Door Repair Port Perry

    Sadly, the garage door could develop a fault at any time of the door; whether it is the bank garage door, schools, or other commercial centers, a faulty garage door could cost your business because of invaders’ activities. Give us a call at the TBC garage door, and we’ll promptly respond to your need. We offer 24-hour garage door repair, and our response time is gauged at 20minutes.

    Commercial Overhead Doors Port Perry

    Whenever you need an overhead door, be it that you move to a new area or the one you have is outdated, installing a new one would make your commercial site more appealing. At TBC garage doors Port Perry, we install and repair overhead doors that are befitting for your commercial door. We offer 24/7 quality service to make sure your overhead garage door is always secured.

    Garage Door Sealing Port Perry

    When your garage doors have seals, you are protected against insects, dirt, moisture, and other unfavorable weather conditions. The seal also helps you stay warm during winter and is, therefore, suitable for temperature regulation. Whenever you need a professional to help seal your garage door or repair the seal, TBC Garage doors Port Perry are experts at garage door sealing.

    Garage Door Insulation Port Perry

    Garage door insulations make your door energy-efficient and prevent the conduction of electricity. Whenever you need a professional for your garage door insulation, contact us at TBC garage doors Port Perry for a beautiful job to make your door insulated. At TBC garage door, we guarantee you a top-notch service when you trust us with your door insulation.

     Garage Door Bottom Panel Repair, Replacement, and Installation

    The bottom panel is mostly ignored in your door maintenance, but it could jeopardize your security in a poor state. If your garage door bottom panel needs a repair, replacement or you need to install a new lock, contact TBC garage doors for a quality service in Port Perry.

     New Garage Door Installation

    A worn-out door in your commercial space or storefront indents the image of your business place. A worn-out door in your home could be a direct call to invaders. Also, a worn-out garage door could make invaders cart away your exotic cars. Therefore, you should not play your safety by managing a worn-out door that is bad beyond repair. At TBC garage Doors, Port Perry, we offer exceptional and reasonably priced garage door installation services that will wow you.

    Commercial Door Repair

    Your business is your life and what you pride yourself in. therefore, you need maximum security to stay productive and increase your cash flow. Your commercial door needs to be glamorous and entice customers; they need to be durable as it boosts your business’s confidence.  When you need a professional door repair service for your commercial area, call us at TBC doors Port Perry to make your company proud.

    Garage Door Lock Installation and Repair

    Do not hesitate to fix your garage door locks when the needs arise. Garage door locks are not the one you should play with as it is a direct invitation to invaders. Whenever you need a quality reply of your garage door locks, or you want to install a lock, using the best quality locks is what we guarantee. At TBC garage doors Port Perry, we provide quality garage door lock installation and repair.

    Garage Door Weatherstripping

    When your garage door weather-stripping is outdated and damaged, there would be unnecessary air infiltration in your rooms. Garage door weather-stripping prevents air infiltration, rodents that could poison your food. You need weather-stripping when your house is prone to rodents; however, a worn-out garage door weather-stripping could cause more arms. Do you need a change to your garage door weather-stripping? Give us a call at TBC doors Port Perry for an exceptional weather-stripping repair.

    Smart Garage Door Installation and Repair

    With the advancement in technology, we now have myriads of options to make our home more secure. You do not have to worry about losing your key and calling your landlord to open the door with his spare key. Also, damaging your smart card or carrying a bunch of keys could be long gone when you have a door you could access with just your phone. Smart door offers convenience and class to your garage door.  You could say bye to intruders when you have a smart lock. Call us at TBC doors Port Perry for your smart door installation and repair.

    Garage Door Keypad Repair/Setup Port Perry

    When your keypad is jeopardized, your security is also compromised. To install a top-notch keypad or repair the existing one that provides you extra-security from invaders, trust it to the expert’s hand only. If your keypads develop any fault, call us at TBC garage doors Port Perry to ensure a professional keypad repair and installation.

    Garage Door Cable Repair Port Perry

    We ensure your garage door cable is highly functional, and in case of breakdown, we will install it for you appropriately. Instead of trusting your cable in the hands of a poor service provider that could cause further damage, TBC garage doors ensure quality service, and you would not need to repair your cable often.

    Garage Door Window Inserts Port Perry

    Be it aluminum, wooden, alloy, or patio; we have exquisite varieties of garage door windows that would make your home more glamorous. Our technicians ensure you get value for money and use their expertise to provide a quality installation of windows to your homes and garages. Do contact us at TBC doors for your garage door window inserts in Port Perry.

    Garage Door Framing Service Port Perry

    Your frame needs to be strong and resistant to minor wear and tears. However, we realized most homeowners have a poor door frame which reduces the aesthetic features and the security a door offers. Worry less in getting the best door framing service in Port Perry when you trust this job in the hands of TBC garage doors, Port Perry.

    Residential Door Repair

    When you leave your residential open opened and poorly secured, you are playing with your life and that of your family. We understand what family means because we are family-owned, and therefore, we make families safe and protected. Repair your residential door or install a new door when the one you have is outdated. Call us at TBC doors for your professional residential door repair.

    Garage Door Opener Repair/Installation Setup

    A faulty garage door opener could delay you when it hooks. It can also impede your security, and that is why you need a quality installation and repair of your garage door opener. To fix your garage door with the befitting equipment, contact TBC garage doors, Port Perry, for your garage door opener installation and repair.

    Garage Door Opener Remote Setup/Repair  Port Perry

    The comfort an automatic and remote-controlled door offer is unrivaled. When you want the convenience of opening and closing your door without pushing, and you need to eradicate physical contact, install a remote-opener door. TBC garage doors Port Perry offers the best Garage door opener remote repair/set up in Port Perry; we guarantee you’re a service that you will always cherish.

    Break-in Repair Port Perry

    No one prays for break-ins, but they weaken us and make us anxious anytime we think of it. But when it happens, we are with you in this trying time to secure your home temporarily as an investigation is going on. We also reinforce your lock and door to make it burglar-proof. Call us at TBC doors to fix your door and fortify it against another break-in.

    Garage Door Spring Repair East York

    The garage door spring makes your door tighter and neater. When the garage door spring is damaged, it is dangerous, and trusting the repair to a poor company could cause further damage.  Whenever you need the service of a professional that is ready to attend immediately to your spring issues and fix them in no time, or you need to install a garage door spring, TBC garage door repairs respond quickly to your needs.

    Garage Door Opener Brackets Repair/ installation Port Perry

    Your opener could develop a fault at the time you least expected. Also, you may need to install an open bracket to your door, and all these services need professionals. Our team of top-rated technicians would solve your opener brackets within a few minutes. Do not hesitate to give us a call at TBC doors, where we use the standard tools to repair and install opener brackets to your door.

    Garage Sensor Repair/Setup

    When your door is damaged or breached, your security is no more a guarantee. The benefit you enjoy when you have a functional sensor would be gone, and your safety is in jeopardy. When you need a quality door sensor repair/setup, trust it in the hands of our professionals at TBC Garage doors for a beautiful service.

    Garage Door Opener Belt Repair/Installation


    Sadly enough, most garage door service providers cannot safely repair or install your garage door opener belt. But at TBC garage door Port Perry, this is what we pride ourselves on to give you maximum protection. We guarantee you a premium service for your garage door opener belt/ repair installation.



    How long will it take for you to reach me? 

    We usually take 30 minutes to reach you after an emergency call. Sometimes, it can be a maximum of 1 hour, depending on your location. 

    Do you provide services after hours?

    Yes. We provide services 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. You can call us at any time for emergency assistance.

    Do you service my area?

    We service areas within a 60-kilometer radius from Toronto and the GTA: Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, North York, and Vaughan. We also serve Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Whitby, Newmarket, and Barrie.

    What payment methods do you accept?

     We accept cash, E-transfer, Debit cards, and Credit cards. 

    My garage door is not closing/not opening! Can you help?

    Yes. When you call us, our technicians will come with all the equipment needed to fix your garage on the spot. They will diagnose and resolve the issue and leave your garage door working smoothly.

    What type of garage doors do you install and repair? 

    We can handle sectional garage doors, slide to the side garage doors, roll-up garage doors, and side-hinged garage doors. We also fix up and over/tilt-up canopy garage doors, and up and over/tilt-up retractable garage doors.

    What is the difference between a garage door opener chain and a garage door opener belt?

    A garage door opener chain operates more noisier than a garage door opener belt, which is a lot smoother and quieter.

    A garage door belt is a type of garage door opener. It is a rubber belt that slides the trolley when you activate your garage door. 

    What are the different types of garage door openers you install or repair?

    We install and repair all types, makes, and models of garage door openers. We are specialists in belt-drive openers, chain-drive openers, screw-drive openers, direct-drive openers, jackshaft-drive openers, and DC-Powered garage door openers. Also, we install lift master, chamberlain, craftsman, mastercraft openers. We recommend to go with lift master or chamberlain.

    What types of doors other than garage doors do you install/repair?

    You work on interior and exterior residential and commercial doors. We expertly install and repair front doors, patio doors, glass doors, French doors, steel doors, and commercial storefront doors.

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