Any form of damage to your garage door harms it both visually and practically. Even if just a single panel is damaged, it ruins the effectiveness of the garage door. So it is one of the parts of a garage door that should be taken care of immediately damage is noticed. By doing this, your garage door will continue to serve its purpose of protection and beautification.

The panels of any garage door are prone to damage, especially considering that they are very delicate and can be affected by water, debris, and pest. Keep reading to discover great tips on garage door panel repair and replacement!

What is a Garage Door Panel?

Garage doors panels are a part of the garage door hinged together to make the garage door functional. Formerly, garage doors used to be single-piece doors, and even though such garage doors are still available, most homeowners prefer the modern garage doors made up of multiple panels. Typically, these garage doors consist of three to eight panels that roll as the garage door opens or closes.

What Size Are Garage Door Panels?

Garage door panels come in three varying sizes, 18″, 21″, and 24″. Manufacturers of panel doors have realized that these sizes accommodate the most common height doors using the least number of panels possible over the years. The panels are also small enough to efficiently make turns around the track radius, leaving enough headroom space. The garage door panels’ sections can be arranged to accommodate a garage door of almost any height.

Can You fix a Bent Garage Door Panel?

When one panel of your garage door is bent, you can replace it without necessarily having to change the entire garage door. Replacing one panel of the garage door is usually less expensive than replacing the door entirely. Especially for homeowners on a budget, replacing or repairing a damaged panel is the most affordable way to fix the garage door.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair or Replace a Garage Door Panel?

 Considering the busy and hectic lives we lead, it is easy to bump into your garage door and cause some damage. If it is just an individual garage door panel damaged, you don’t necessarily have to change the entire garage door. You can simply repair or replace the faulty garage door panel. Here is an analysis of the repair and replacement cost of the garage door panel.

Garage Door Panel Repair Cost

Depending on the type of garage door and the location of the damage, you might be required to replace the panels or the entire garage door. The solution to getting your garage door working again might be to repair it. Small dents, rust, rot, or holes in the panels can be repaired instead of replaced. Depending on what is wrong with the panel, the garage panel door repair price will be between $130-190.

Garage Door Panel Replacement Cost

For a garage door panel spot repair, you are likely to spend between $150-200. However, if the garage door panel is an in-production model, you might get the entire panel replaced for around $250-400. Unfortunately, if your garage door panel is an older model, the panels are probably no longer in production. This might require replacing the entire garage door.

Replacing or repairing a damaged garage door panel will ensure proper operation of the garage door. This means less stress and headache. In addition to easy movement in and out of your home, replacing or repairing your faulty garage door panels helps preserve your home value.

Can You Install a New Garage Door on Old Tracks?

If you’re considering replacing your garage door, you’re most likely thinking of certain parts of the garage door you can reuse to save you some money. The garage door tracks play a significant role in the garage door’s smooth operation, and they can be quite expensive to install for brand new ones. So, you may be curious to know if you can reuse your garage door tracks. Well, it is not advisable, and there are several reasons for that.

The garage door industry is evolving daily, so the parts and pieces are designed to adapt to modern designs. If you use old garage tracks for your new garage door, there is the possibility that the tracks will not be compatible with your new garage door system. The tracks are linked using a special rivet system that opens and closes at a distance from the side post. Typically, the side post is made in the same factory as the garage door. When you try using old tricks for a new garage door panel, it can cause many problems because the old tracks cannot be adjusted.

Using old garage tracks will make the door itself improperly spaced. Some other problems that accompany old tracks are:

  • Your garage door might get stuck in an open or close position, rendering it ineffective.
  • Electrical garage door openers might cause the door to fall off due to continuous opening and closing entirely.
  • If your garage door falls, it can cause damage to you or members of your family. It could also fall into your vehicle, incurring more cost.

Though it might be a tempting solution to reuse old garage door tracks, it is not recommended. Using old tracks can put your garage door, your belongings, and your safety in harm’s way.

How Do You Replace a Garage Door Panel?

How Do You Replace a Garage Door Panel?
How Do You Replace a Garage Door Panel?

Garage door panels play a very significant role in the appearance and functionality of your garage door. In the case of damage or discoloration, the garage door panels can be replaced or repainted for a fresh appearance.

Here are guidelines on how to replace garage door panels:

– The first thing you’ll need to do is purchase new panels for your garage door. If you have an old garage door, you might need to place orders for the panels directly through the garage door manufacturer. Otherwise, you can order them through a company that sells garage doors.

– The next step is to ensure that the garage door is safe before you begin your replacement. If you have an automatic garage door opener, you need to unplug it first to deactivate it while working on the garage door. It is also essential to remove the springs of the garage door. You must do this because if the springs are still attached while you’re working, it can cause injury.

– Next is the removal of the old garage door panels. Depending on your garage door construction, you may need to remove several panels till you reach the one that requires a replacement. Loosen the screws and when the panel comes loose, slide it off the rack and place it aside.

– It is now time to attach the new panel to your door. First, slide the rollers into the track, then fit the new panel into place. Lower it down and ensure the existing panel is touching the new panel. You will then attach it by either bolt or screw, depending on your garage door fastening.

– After installing the new panels, the older panels that had to be removed will then be replaced, fixing them one after the other till they are all attached.

– Now that all the panels are in place, you will have to get the garage door working again. Reattach the springs of the garage door and plug the door opener back. You can then test the garage door by opening and closing it to ensure all the panels are appropriately fixed into the tracks.

Finally, if you realize that the new panels don’t match your existing garage door’s exact color, maybe due to the weather exposure. The best solution is to paint the garage door so that it will be the same all-over.

Does My Garage Door Need Reinforcement?

Another primary consideration for installing a garage door is reinforcement. It is important to ensure adequate support both vertically and horizontally. Horizontal and vertical support is necessary to prevent damage to the garage doors. While some double-sided garage doors have built-in reinforcement in the door’s interior, it is always best to add additional support.

Usually, angle iron is used for both reinforcements. A horizontal brace can be installed along the door’s full width and a vertical brace to extend the height of the top panel. It is advisable to attach both braces for more support.


You cannot underestimate the impact of garage door panels because the garage door’s effectiveness is largely dependent on them. Therefore, it is imperative to pay closer attention to the garage door panels to know when there is a need for repair or replacement.

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